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Fashion statement for your mobile phones

Ace mobiles was established as manufacturing unit to cater the varied requirements of mobility accessories pan India. It has technologically advanced machinery delivering quality products at highly competitive prices. Ace Mobile Manufacturing Pvt Ltd belongs to a reputed public listed group, and is operated by team of professionals with over 20 years of experience. Ace Mobile boasts of its wide array of product port folio. Ace mobile is a pioneer for producing customized mobility accessory including screen guards, covers and cases.


Film Screen protector (front and back)

Mobile phone cases & covers

Painted and printed Covers for mobile phones.

Medium to high capacity Mobile phone / tablet chargers.

Quality Head phone sets.

Cases and covers have become fashion statement for the day, and are evolving continuously. Diary cases, flip covers and back cases are among few products in our catalog, that are customized and designed according to client’s need. These hot selling items not only protect your mobiles and tablets, but also compliments your grace and style. 3D printing, UV printing etc is add-on service that enhances the looks of the covers.

Protecting your screen and increasing its longevity, screen protectors are important accessory for all high and medium ranged protects. Scratches on the screen hamper the view and increases strains on the eye. The protective layer safeguards from these scratches and can be changed, when needed. Screen guard made up of PET film is a thin protective layer that prevents the mobile screen from scratches. These anti scratch films may be clear and glossy or with matte finish. Tempered Glass screen protector is a screen guard made up of toughened glass that prevents scratches and a featured accessory for touch phones, as it also prevents the touch screen from breaking.


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To be the Best, “Mobility After Market Accessory Brand” by constantly innovating, manufacturing and marketing “Mobility Accessories” products that consumers connect with instantly.

Power Banks

Using the original SDI Samsung and LG cells, we make highly innovative power banks of varied capacities. 2600 mAh, 5200 mAh, 6600 mAh, 7800 mAh and 10400 mAh are standard capacities of the power bank produced by us. We can also provide various customized capacities and exclusive add-on features in the power banks.

Case Protector

Screen Protector