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About Us


Founded in 1993, Optiemus Infracom is a diversified, award-winning, high-performance telecommunications enterprise. The group has over 22 years of rich experience in managing and distributing mobile brands and other telecommunication products in India. The company sold the first mobile phone in the country way back in 1995 and has been bringing the latest technology products to the Indian consumers through its widespread distribution and retail operations. Optiemus Group’s affiliate Global Devices Network is one of the first companies in India to setup a state-of-the-art mobile assembly plant in the country. Optiemus has also formed a JV with Taiwan-based OEM Wistron Corporation for mobile manufacturing unit. In February 2017, Optiemus signed a licensing deal with BlackBerry to design, manufacture and distribute BlackBerry branded devices In India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

1. The 1st mobile handset in India was sold by us in 1995.
2. 1st Nokia distributor - worked from 1995 to 2006.
3. Achieved a market share of 89.9% in Delhi in 2006 – the highest ever!
4. National distributors for Samsung Mobile for Organized Trade.
5. Plantronics Award for the most consistent performance in every Quarter, in Financial Year 2010-11.

6 Pillars Of Success

Below are the six Pillers of our success

We are deeply interested in everything we undertake.

We are completely involved in whatever we do.

We have the right infrastructure to support all our endeavours.

We aggressively invest in whatever we do.

We take new initiatives to raise existing benchmarks.

We leverage strengths of information technology for efficient handling of all the tasks.

Optiemus Facts



Below are our 3 brands and 6 affiliate businesses that we are very proud of. about-optiemus

Great Features


Below are the six affiliated business that we are proud of.

Future-ready, experience-based mobility retail chain. Mobiliti World is an all New retail store brand that believes to excel in customer delight.

Ace Mobiles manufactures customized hi-quality designer accessories for mobile phones including screen guards, covers, power banks and cases. The company offers these products at very competitive prices.

Win Technology manufactures accessories for mobile phones including screen guards, covers, power banks and cases.

One World Teleservices cater to a wide audience including leisure & business travellers and students studying abroad.

GDN is one of the few of its kind in the country that is poised to take India's manufacturing capabilities to world in field of mobile telecom hardware.

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